Family of the tea. The native land is China and Japan. Camellia an evergreen tree with languid-green leaves. camellia appreciates for beautiful terry flowers

Camellia Japanese is an initial kind. Grades Adolphe Audusson – red, semiterry are extended; Alba Simplex – white, not terry; Pink Perfection – pink, terry.

The cool Is required – in the winter contain at 12-15°C, 8-10 °C in the summer. At more heats Camellia dump colour.

It’s necessary bright absent-minded illumination, with shadeness from direct solar beams in the summer. In the summer feels well in the open air in a semishady place. Shift of Camellias and position change to a light source are very harmful to this plant.

Watering should be plentiful, but soil rehumidifying should be avoided. For watering use warm water. Water is necessary to be standing not less than 12 hours. Neither in water, nor in the earth there shouldn’t be an impurity of exhaust.

Camellia demands frequent spraying of leaves. At blooming of the flowers spraying stop.

Top dressing by fertilizers – is spent within all year, except a dormant period from July till August.

Breeds by shanks in the summer with application of phytohormones and the bottom heating of soil to 25°C. Rooting lasts about 2 months.

Myth and Legend about Camellia

Camellia is considered one of the most beautiful blossoming indoor plants.

Under the legend is a callous flower an emblem of coldness and callousness of feelings, an emblem beautiful, but heartless women whom, without loving, entice and ruin.

On a legend when Aphrodite has sent the son of the Amur on Jupiter, he there has met women of the deprived feelings. The Amur in vain spent for them arrows which didn’t operate on them when Aphrodite has learnt about it, she has decided that these beings are unworthy to be women and has transformed them into flowers.

Camellia’s medical properties

Camellia’s oil is recommended for the general strengthening of organism and its strengthening antioxid protection. For the prevention of an ischemic heart trouble, diabetes and hypertension preventive maintenance. Promotes pressure decline at already available hypertension.

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