The native land is the South America. It basically grassy plants. The most widespread kind – Browallia speciosa. Plants of this kind form a branchy bush to 35 sm in height, and blossoming depending on a grade blue, lilac, dark blue or white flowers.

Leaves of Browallia are of light-green color on thin small stalks. Browallia is a short-lived plant. Every year sow seeds which easily ascend, the plant very quickly starts to blossom, and under favorable conditions flowering ;plentiful enough. With the termination of flowering a plant throw out.

The temperature should be moderated or cool, it is desirable not above 17°C. In too warm premise leaves turn yellow and dry, buds and flowers is formed not much, the plant quickly loses decorative appeal.

The bright diffused light with a small amount of direct solar beams is necessary. Will approach both the western and east window. At a southern window it is required shadeness at the hottest o’clock in the afternoon. The best shade in rooms – a tulle curtain, on a balcony – a crone of near trees.

Having watered should be Plentiful since spring till the autumn. The soil should be all time damp.

Periodically spray.

Breeds by seeds in the beginning of spring.

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