Bouquets of Flowers

Bouquets of Flowers

Tradition to make bouquet has appeared for a long time. To use a bouquet of flowers for ornament of places the person has begun approximately 6000 years ago. In the ancient time bouquets were replaced by wreaths and garlands, them decorated sacrificial altars and the animals intended for sacrifices, decorated the thrones of governors. In many religions were gods patrons of flowers, as, for example, in Ancient Rome in which the flowers were patronised by Flora.

In her honour were arranged magnificent celebrations florals when on an altar devoted to the goddess, brought numerous armfuls of flowers, wreaths, garlands. Then people have started to decorate themselves with flowers. Visitors in Ancient Rome put on neck wreaths from violets, roses, an ivy, decorated hands bracelets from the bound flowers.

By the way, this tradition at some people has remained and till now. Garlands from the flowers which have got symbolical value, awarded those who has won sports meets, the soldiers who have come back home with victory, put on neck to elects and darlings.

The most ancient flower compositions have appeared officially in Japan which has become famous for the whole world for art of Ikebana. Japan has old tradition of drawing up of compositions: authentic data on presence of schools of ikebana concern VI century.

Europe has got acquainted with art of bunches of flowers only in XV century, thanks to Christian tradition to decorate altars flower compositions, however, having appeared, this kind of salon leisure has quickly got popularity among rich women and the nobility. Clothes and hairdress were decorated by flowers at that time. To give bouquets of flowers begun only in XVIII century.

Bouquets of Flowers

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