Birthday Flowers


When someone’s birthday comes, there is always a question what to present? But we perfectly know, that what the holiday without flowers Flowers is an universal gift! For example to the beloved or the favourite guy can present a bunch (bouquet) of flowers and it will express your sincerity and love!

What bouquets, what flowers to present per day of birth to girlfriend, to the man, acquaintances, the chief ?
The most general and main rule here the such: on birthday it’s necessary to give those flowers which are pleasant to that person to whom you make a gift. Loves violets give them. Orchids or peonies then it more are pleasant and get …

But all the same professional, creative florists are guided by defined “Birthday-rules” which are useful for knowing to all who as a gift on birthday of acquaintances will choose flowers.

First of all, it’s necessary to consider the age of the person for which the bouquet prepares. As a rule, to people elderly give flowers of the bright, sated paints. Besides, these flowers should be stored, not wither long whenever possible. It’s considered that unfading flowers bear longevity wishes.
As to “standard” of a bouquet for birthday for the woman is considered to be universal flowers of roses.

Special case congratulation the person with happy birthday who is in hospital. It’s necessary to give bright bouquets with a contrast combination of colours, avoiding white color.

Bouquet on birthday present without “ware”. It’s supposed that packing deployment, its installation in a vase, dialogue thus the donator and the birthday man create elements of a holiday, preparation for a celebration.

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