The native land is Central and the South America, the Antilles. In the nature exists about 55 kinds. The kinds which were extended as indoor plants differ unpretentious enough character.

Billbergia pyramidalis is a land plant, with not numerous leaves forming extended funnel kind socket. Leaves are about 60-80 sm in length and 5-6 sm in width, bright green color. Blossoms from the middle of spring to the middle of summer.

Billbergia prefers moderate temperatures – in the summer about 20 – 25°C, in the winter about 16-18°C, a minimum 13°C.

Billbergias needs the bright diffused light, it is possible with a quantity of the direct sun in the morning or in the evening. Well grows at east and northern windows.

Not all billbergias have well expressed socket of leaves, therefore it is possible to water them directly in soil, as well as usual indoor plants – in the spring and it is plentiful enough in the summer.

It is necessary to spray billbergia periodically.

Billbergia breeds by seeds and lateral runaways when they are already enough generated, i.e. have length nearby 13-15 the Received young plants see blossom, as a rule, only in 2 years.

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