There are many kinds of begonias and all of them are in own way fine. Among begonias is both is decorative-deciduous, and is decorative-blossoming kinds.Begonias it is beautiful indoor plants with the juicy leaves having a little crooked form. On pedicels are available both man’s, and pistillate flowers. At pistillate flowers over petals the trihedral seed box is formed. The majority of begonias blossom all the summer long, however at creation of good conditions by it, they can blossom and in the autumn, and even in the winter.

All begonias divide on two basic groups: begonias is decorative-deciduous and begonias is decorative-blossoming.

Begonias is decorative-blossoming.

Are appreciated for beauty and profuseness of the flowers. Among decorative-blossoming begonias there are evergreen plants which can be contained in room conditions in a current of all year, for example, a begonia ever flowering. One of the most effective blossoming begonias are tuber begonias, these are pottery cultures. In the autumn when tuber begonias start to pass in a rest condition, watering reduce, and after leaf fall stop absolutely. Tubers release from the earth and store in boxes in sand, in a cool premise. At wintering of tubers in a room, in pots, them from time to time water, but, without supposing dampness.

The temperature should be moderated, the temperature above 20°C is undesirable to these begonias. Winter temperature nearby 17-18°C, but not more low 15°C.

Illumination should be bright, with obligatory protection against direct solar beams during hot time of day. During flowering, begonia should stand at windows so that one flower did not block another. For preservation of correct growth them periodically turn at windows.

Watering should be plentiful in the spring and in the summer, but not to fill in, since begonias do not love stagnation of water, as however and dryings of an earthen clod. Water should be soft. Tuber pottery begonias don’t water in the winter, store in a dry peat substratum.

Begonias love high humidity of air, but do not suffer spraying. Practice has shown that almost all kinds of begonias on leaves react to moisture hit by occurrence of brown stains. Therefore, in hot dry weather it is possible to place pots with begonias on a tray or a box with wet peat or a moss.

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