The native land – Mexico. Beaucarnea is an indoor plant of an unusual kind which in the people name elephant’s foot and in the literature it is possible to meet under name Nolina recurvata.

Beaucarnea recurvata – has the thick trunk extending and even more become thick to the basis. A stalk at first, at a young plant short and spherical as the bulb, and then is extended and becomes similar to a big-bellied bottle. On stalk top thin, gentle, green leaves are collected in sockets, remind a palm tree.

Cool conditions, in the summer not above 21°C, in the winter a dormant period at temperature nearby 10-12°C, but not more low 7 °C.

Beaucarnea prefers high-grade solar illumination.

Having watered should be moderated in the spring and in the summer, having watered limited at the cool maintenance in the winter, but directly frequency of watering depends on concrete temperature.

Beaucarnea well responds on spraying which it is possible to spend once a week.

Beaucarnea is possible to make multiple by copies shoots at change, they however take roots difficultly enough.

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