Family of lily. It come from southern Africa. A long-term grassy plant with tape, long leaves in length to 50 sm. Blossoms all the summer long to the late fall. Blossoms on solar places though easily transfers also a shade is better. To grow up this plant it is easy, if you can contain it in a cool premise in the […]

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The native land is thecentral and Southern Africa. In nature reach the huge sizes – to 10 metres in height. In culture are exacting enough and whimsical, grow on the average nearby 30-35 sm. Adenium has received in the people the name – the Rose of deserts, for the flowers similar on the flowers of rose. Juice of Adenium is poisonous in all parts […]

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Thenativelandis Central America. Enjoys with the big loveof room flower growers for flowers with bright coloring. Colouring of flowers is different: purple, blue, brightly pink, yellow and etc., leaves are of velvet color. Achimenes erecta – a plant with red flowers on long (to 50 sm) reddish stalks. Achimenes longiflora with violet colors, at a version alba flowers are white with violet specks, also the plant, […]

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Family of the bean. The native land is Australia, Africa, Asia , Polynesia. It is a bush with plumose leaves and flowers with a pleasant smell. Flowers are collected in the spherical either extended heads or ears. Acacia puts gentle leaflets for the night. In room culture are extended: Acacia silvery, Acacia dealbata Link – known as a mimosa which usually sell for March, […]

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Family of malvoves. The native land is the South America. Abutilon is possible to meet with the name of a room maple . An evergreen tree with maple type green or motley leaves. This plant is appreciated for the original leave and magnificent color. Blossoms since spring till the autumn. At room temperature 10-15°C, flowering proceeds also in the winter. Plantssprawling, easily […]

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