In the nature the family of cutrovs makes over 200 sorts and more than 2000 kinds of various plants. This extensive family two-share in the form of trees, bushes and semibushes, lianas, long-term grasses and even succulents which extended in tropical and subtropical areas of all globe. Distinctive features can be characterised so: cutrovs have, as a rule, leaves of […]

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This indoor plant is appreciated for the big beautiful leaves and upon magnificent flowering, when the majority of other indoor plants have already flowered. Flowering large yellow or golden flowers can last almost two months. However it is very difficult culture for room cultivation as demands special leaving and attention. Aphelandra concerns to big-leaves and to fast-growing plants. Aphelandra is thermophilic plant, therefore it contain at […]

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The native land of Anthuriums – tropics of America. In the nature there are about 800 kinds of plants. Only one kind – Anthurium Crystallinum – grow up as is decorative-deciduous plants. Has the truncated underground stalk. Leaves on long stalks of the heart-shaped form, about 30-40 sm in length and 20-30 sm. in width. A leave surface is velvety, from dark green to almost […]

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The Anemone is also called the Windflower, and Lily-of-the-Field. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘anemos’ meaning ‘wind’. The flowers of the taller types are carried on long, wiry stems and nod gracefully in a breeze. There are a number of different species and cultivars. Anemone flowers come in vibrant shades of red, pink, blue, purple, and white, and have […]

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The native land is Brazil. Some kinds of Ananas (pinnaple) grow up as indoor plants, they even form fruits, though small and not the edible. The basic advantage of pineapples the beautiful socket of leaves. The temperature should be usual nearby 22-25°C in the summer, in the winter cool 16-18 °C, the minimum winter temperature should be 15°C. Ananas a photophilous plant, well […]

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Family of amaryllis. The native land is Southern Africa. In the nature there is only one kind Amaryllis belladonna – a long-term bulbous plant. The bulb of all about 6 sm in diameter, forms many “children”. Leaves are of belt form of dark green color, length to 40 sm, appear after flowering. Blossoms in the end of summer and in an early autumn. […]

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Aloe arborescens – the most widespread at us in the country, a herb. The native land – cape of Kind Hope, Southern Africa. In room conditions in temperate climate this plant blossoms extremely seldom and its national name is connected with this feature – a century plant, as though blossoming time in hundred years, however at good […]

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The native land is the South America. Besides, Aglaonemas for a long time blossom and form fruits. Aglaonema commutatum – a bushy plant with upright stalks. Leaves on long prodolgovato-elliptic form, about 20-30 sm in length and 5-10 sm in width. Some grades are of various motley colouring. The inflorescence an ear with a light green coverlet, length 5-6 sm. […]

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Family of agava. The native land from southern America to southern states of the USA. Verybeautiful ornamental plants, but the majority of kinds because of the large sizes will approach for ornaments only beds and flower gardens. In room conditions grow up dwarfish forms or only young plants. In culture of agaves more than 50 kinds. The most widespread kinds: Agave americana – […]

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Family of lily. It come from southern Africa. A long-term grassy plant with tape, long leaves in length to 50 sm. Blossoms all the summer long to the late fall. Blossoms on solar places though easily transfers also a shade is better. To grow up this plant it is easy, if you can contain it in a cool premise in the […]

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