It is most extended Asplenium nidus. Asplenium has large, wide, light-green leaves. Asplenium is a fast-growing plant. At good leaving its leaves reach 60-100 the plant strongly see With the years expands at width since new leaves are constantly formed of the socket centre. Doesn’t love when touch leaves.

Asplenium concerns to the thermophilic ferns, it is desirable, that the thermometer column stood nearby 20-25°C, in the winter not low than 18°C. Asplenium doesn’t like draughts.


The place for Asplenium should be light enough, but with shadeness from direct solar beams. You can make a light shade but don’t put the flower in the dark place.

Having watered should be plentiful since spring till the autumn and moderated in the winter. Instead of usual watering it is recommended to immerse from time to time pots with a plant in basin with water. Asplenium doesn’t like the rigid and chlorinated water, for the watering use the water of the room temperature which has settled not less than 12 hours.

Asplenium require damp air, about 60 %. if the air is dry the leaves of Asplenium begin to dry. Is better to place on the wide pallet filled up with gravel. Water also the earth in a pot, and pour water into the pallet. If there is a central heating battery nearby it should be always veiled a crude towel or a bed-sheet.

Asplenium breeds by disputes and bush division as well as all other ferns.

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