Family of asparagus. The native land is tropical and subtropical areas of the Old World. Shares on semi-twisted kinds – Asparagus plumose and ampelians kinds – Asparagus Shprengeri. As indoor plants are extended similar to ferns Asparaguses with sew-kind “leaves”

As a whole Asparagus – an unpretentious plant.


The temperature must be moderate or cool, for the majority of Asparaguses the temperature must be nearby 15-18°C. A winter minimum 10°C, it is ideal 10-14°C.

Asparagus is a photophilous plant, the best place fot it is a window sill of a northeast or northwest window. If the plant is placed in a room, behind a tulle curtain, its place about east or western window; if a window southern, in a room on some distance from a window. In winter it’s necessary more diffused light, plants rearrange more close to the window.

In the winter (from November till February) watering should be moderated, in spring it increase. In summer it’s possible to leave water in pallets.

Loves damp air, sometimes does not blossom only that too dry air. If the plant costs close to the battery of a central heating or a fireplace small leaflets start to turn yellow and be showered, and spraying here will not help, it is necessary to rearrange a plant far away from a source of hot air.

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