Strawberry tree – Arbutus andrachne

The ancient latin name of a sort – Arbutus. The etymology isn’t clear. Probably, from lat. arbour – a tree and suf. ut, us (at, us), meaning specific concept. The kind name – Andrdchne, Andrahna. Probably, the name goes back to greek andros – the man, the husband, the soldier; the man’s. In Crimea and Asia Minor other this kind name “kizyl-agach”, that is “mahogany”.

The Tree strawberry (Arbutus) – a sort of evergreen trees and bushes of the family Ericaceae. Totals over 20 kinds.
Are extended in Western Europe, the Mediterranean, Northern and Central America, the Western Asia. In Israel meets in the Top Galilee, on Karmele and in Judaic mountains. Loves rocky or calcareous soils. In our widths blossoms in March-April.


These decorative and melliferous plants have skiny, simple, integral, large dark green leaves and small flowers, collected in top whisks. Hanging inflorescences white or pink flowers Arbutus soon replace the fruits having bright orange colouring. A strawberry tree fruit – similar outwardly on wild strawberry. For similarity of fruits to wild strawberry berries this plant still name “wild strawberry”.

Pollination is possible only between two different trees. Seeds extend by animals.

Arbutus is famous for not decaying wood. Thanks to it in the past it was used more than other trees for manufacturing of ploughs, handles, for a covering of roofs. Because of it presently the Arbutus has disappeared from many places of the growth. After the basis of reserves in the Mediterranean and reduction of cutting down the quantity of trees increases.

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