The native land is Brazil. Some kinds of Ananas (pinnaple) grow up as indoor plants, they even form fruits, though small and not the edible. The basic advantage of pineapples the beautiful socket of leaves.

The temperature should be usual nearby 22-25°C in the summer, in the winter cool 16-18 °C, the minimum winter temperature should be 15°C.


Ananas a photophilous plant, well grows both on a solar place, and in the semishady. It is possible to grow up at the western and east windows. At a southern window it is required to make shade at the hottest time in the summer. However it is necessary to consider that pineapples with light strips on leaves require more light place, differently diversity of colouring is lost.

Ananas water directly in the socket of leaves. Water is poured in the socket on 2/3. Water should be necessarily well stands and have a room temperature. In spring and in summer the water must be always in the socket of leaves which is updated at least once a month on the fresh. In winter Ananas water very cautiously (approximately once a week, if in soil).

Ananas love regular spraying which is obligatory if the plant is in too warm premise (at a central heating in the winter).

Breeds lateral runaways which cut off after at them growing the roots. As make multiple copies seeds which sow in friable soil (a mix half-and-half sand and the sheet earth).

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