Aloe arborescens – the most widespread at us in the country, a herb. The native land – cape of Kind Hope, Southern Africa. In room conditions in temperate climate this plant blossoms extremely seldom and its national name is connected with this feature – a century plant, as though blossoming time in hundred years, however at good leaving can blossom every year.

Leaves narrow, juicy to 20-30 sm in length with thorns along the edges. It grows very quickly reaching heights to 30-100 sm (in the nature to 3 m) Aloe treelike very decoratively and easily breeds shanks.


Also it’s suitable for cultivation in rooms Aloe Deskuana – with triangular motley leaves.

In winter Aloe contain in a light and cool premise (12-13°C). In summer it’s better to contain Aloe in the open air. In warm and thus dark rooms Aloe grows quickly, extended and become pale.

Illumination: In summer Aloe loves a solar place, but it is necessary to accustom to the sun gradually, making shade in especially hot days.
Watering should be moderated, especially in the winter. Spraying spend cautiously with the smallest dispersion as water, getting to bosoms of leaves, can cause rotting.

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