Advices for the beginners

In cultivation of indoor plants there is a rule – to prevent easier, than to correct. Errors happen at all – both at professional flower growers and at beginners. Sometimes in general it is impossible to define from what a plant suffers, but there are conditions which it would be necessary to observe, but not all are in earnest about them. Therefore, it would be desirable to give such advice:

— If you have got a plant try to learn about it as much as possible what is necessary to it temperature, humidity, having watered etc. it is final, it is better to learn about it in advance, before plant purchase, but, unfortunately, often we get a plant, having given in to the temptation, fascinated its beauty and it is not enough that about it knowing.

— If at you it is some or many plants, even the inveterate flower grower sometimes forgets to what of plants that is necessary. Therefore it is possible to make cards or to get a small notebook, where to allocate to each plant available for you the page. There it is possible to write is short, when it to replace how to water, when to fertilise, i.e. that information which is important, but it is often forgotten.

— Try to provide to a plant a constant place in the house as the majority of plants do not love when them rearrange from place to place.

— Almost all plants demand watering by well fresh, soft water. If it is a lot of plants, it is possible to prepare a bucket where water in a current of days – two will settle. If plants it is possible to use polyethylene bottles from under lemonade which do not close a cover not much, giving to chlorine will disappear from water. There are some plants which at all do not transfer watering by hard water, they from it not only are ill, but also can be lost.

— If you were going to replace a plant use a purchased soil mix, for a concrete plant(s) is better. In many literature, and also on our site the structure of soil mixes for each plant is resulted, but not all can or know where to take the cespitose or peat earth. In that case for the majority of plants it is possible to use the usual garden or hotbed earth to which well washed out river sand is added. Before application the earth is desirable for disinfecting – well to spill a weak solution of potassium permanganate (same will help to remove earthworms).

— The principal cause on which plants suffer in apartments – a central heating. As batteries are about a window placing of plants far from batteries is not obviously possible. Try to humidify in the winter air round plants.

— Fresh air almost an indispensable condition for good development of plants. Cactuses, for example, can not blossom only because they do not have no fresh air. But any of plants does not suffer cold draughts.

— If you will see that the plant was ill, get a magnifier and attentively examine leaves from both parties, stalks, flowers in search of wreckers whom, by the way, can and not to be. Some are surprised, wreckers if they were not earlier whence undertake. The majority of them are transferred by insects (flies), some in the form of larvae remain in the earth and wait for the favorable conditions, some plants happen are infected at purchase, but become appreciable only after a while.

Now in any big city there is such considerable quantity of flower shops, nurseries or botanical gardens where it is possible to get the diversified plants that it is necessary to choose only. But, alas, many choose not those plants which approach to conditions in their apartment or office. For example, put gentle senpolia under scorching beams of a southern window and in couple of days bewildered examine stains on leaves, without guessing that it is burns; or place a photophilous passionflower in the heart of a drawing room of a room and observe its slow fading, sinning thus on sellers or any unknown wrecker.

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