The native land is thecentral and Southern Africa. In nature reach the huge sizes – to 10 metres in height. In culture are exacting enough and whimsical, grow on the average nearby 30-35 sm. Adenium has received in the people the name – the Rose of deserts, for the flowers similar on the flowers of rose. Juice of Adenium is poisonous in all parts of a plant.

In culture was extended kind Adenium obesum . It has fat stalk – kaudex. Lateral, more thin stalks depart From it. Kaudex is capable to reserve a quantity of water, sufficient to endure long enough droughts. Flowers are pink or red, to 7 sm in diameter.


Adenium is thermophilic, nearby 25-27°C in the summer, in the winter not low than 10°C. Doesn’t transfer overcooling of root system. For the summer it is better to expose on open air in a garden or on a balcony.

For Adenium is necessary very light and solar place. Well grows at a southern window. However in spring it is necessary to accustom to a shining sun gradually.

In spring and summerwater moderately that the soil dried out between watering. For example, in the summer in hot days water about once a week. Adenium is very sensitive to superfluous watering.

Adenium loves regular spraying from a small spray so that water didn’t flow down streams on branches. During flowering it is impossible that water got on flowers.

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