Thenativelandis Central America. Enjoys with the big loveof room flower growers for flowers with bright coloring. Colouring of flowers is different: purple, blue, brightly pink, yellow and etc., leaves are of velvet color.

Achimenes erecta – a plant with red flowers on long (to 50 sm) reddish stalks.

Achimenes longiflora with violet colors, at a version alba flowers are white with violet specks, also the plant, sheet grows to 8 sm in length.


On sale basically there is only Ahimenes hybrid (Àchimenes hibridia) – the most widespread depending on a grade with different colours of the flower. For the winter, in a dormant period it cut off.

The temperature must be moderate or warm, in growth not low than 17°C. After flowering, in a dormant period the trubers store at temperature not low than 7 °C.

Illumination: Bright light with shadeness from direct solar beams in the summer.

Watering must be plentiful in growth. After flowering (September, October) watering reduce, and then absolutely stop.

Spraying of leaves Achimenes doesn’t like, but air should be damp enough, place wide pallets with water or well spray nearby standing plants.

Reproduction: By trubers and shanks, seeds. At reproduction Achimenes by trubers, flowering begins faster, than at reproduction by shanks.

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