Family of the bean. The native land is Australia, Africa, Asia , Polynesia. It is a bush with plumose leaves and flowers with a pleasant smell. Flowers are collected in the spherical either extended heads or ears. Acacia puts gentle leaflets for the night. In room culture are extended:

Acacia silvery, Acacia dealbata Link – known as a mimosa which usually sell for March, 8th in many cities of Russia and Europe.

Acacia armed, Acacia armata – a bush reaching in height of 1-1,2 m with ridge downy branches.

An Acacia longifolia – a branchy tree with naked branches and glaucous fillods, having similarity to weeping willow branches.


The temperature must be moderate, in winter requires in cool, but light premise with temperature not low than 10°C . The premise must be aired, but cold draughts are not admissible.

Acacia the photophilous plant, shadeness isn’t necessary.

Watering must be plentiful since spring till the autumn, very moderated in the winter, especially if in the winter the plant contains in a cool premise.

Acacia doesn’t need to be sprayed.

Acacia breeds by shanks and seeds. Implant shanks in small pots at 15-18 °C, seeds sow in January-March, the soil heating is required. Before crops acacia seeds will douse boiled water, sawing or make an incision (except an acacia edge – its seeds ascend in 3-4 weeks).

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