Family of malvoves. The native land is the South America. Abutilon is possible to meet with the name of a room maple . An evergreen tree with maple type green or motley leaves. This plant is appreciated for the original leave and magnificent color. Blossoms since spring till the autumn. At room temperature 10-15°C, flowering proceeds also in the winter. Plantssprawling, easily cluster. At flowering each runaway is densely covered by colours and buds. Abutilon the fast-growing plant, and at disembarkation in a ground reaches 1,5 m in height and to 1 m in diameter. So if is necessary the plant which will quickly expand and will fill a room it is impossible to find better flower than abutilon.

Loves a cool premise. In the winter 10-13 °C, maximum 15 °C.


Photophilously, prefers a direct sunlight in a current of several hours per day. In the winter it is necessary to keep this type of flower in the light premise. The best place is in immediate proximity a southern window.

Watering should be plentiful since spring till the autumn. In the winter watering should be moderate.

From April till August feed up with special mineral fertilizers for blossoming indoor plants, every 3 week.

Periodic spraying is useful.

Easily breeds by seeds which ascend through three weeks. In five months after plant crops blossom. For crops is necessary the easy sandy soil. Seeds cover with an earth layer in some millimetres. Strong shoots dive in pots. Also well breeds also shanks.

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