The Latin name of a sort reflects sour taste of a plant (lat. oxys — “sharp”). The sort totals about 800 kinds growing in Southern Africa, Southern and Central America, and only some kinds meet occasionally in the Central Europe. These are annual and perennial plants.

Curious feature of Oxalis are its beautiful pink proveins on petals and “blowing up”fruits, which in the ripened kind in a condition shoot with small reddish seeds. Seeds are capable to “jump aside” literally aside if on them accurately to breathe. The matter is that at humidity change their cover bursts, sharply changing the form. One more interesting feature: with approach of night, during a bad weather, on bright to light, at mechanical irritation their flowers are slowly closed, and leaves develop and fall. Movement under the influence of the listed factors results from change of internal pressure (so-called tourist’s mountain) in cages of leaves and petals.

Oxalises grow on solar places, in a shade and a penumbra.

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