amily of Orchideacea. These decorative-blossoming plants are allocated in special group. Those who has been obedient of their beauty magic flowers, becomes faster the collector of these remarkable plants. An Orchid-long-term grassy plants, it comefrom the┬átropical┬ácountries with roast andatemperate climate. Orchids are appreciated not only for beauty of the flowers of the most different shades and colors, but also that flowering of many of them is necessary basically for winter months. Indisputable advantage against all other blossoming plants is duration of flowering-flowers of Orchids keep about 1 month, at some kinds about 2-3 months on a plant. A fruit – a box. Seeds are very small.

Why it is considered, that Orchids are very exacting plants in culture? First of all because high humidity of air is necessary to them. Orchids don’t transfer dry and dusty air. Even 2-3 multiple spraying only temporarily raises humidity. Is better to grow up Orchids in room hothouses.

Orchids demand very high humidity of air, thus in place with a central heating in the winter or in the hot summer, even 2-3-times spraying will not help. Though periodically orchids need to be sprayed from hygienic reasons. Orchids don’t spray if they are on the sun, and during flowering spray so that water doesn’t get on the flowers. Is better to spray Orchids since morning or after dinner, for the night is possible to spray in the event that pots with Orchids stand not on a balcony or a verandah. High humidity of air, probably, the basic and very important condition of the maintenance of Orchids.

During growth and orchid flowering water plentifully enough and regularly. It isn’t necessary to water so that today it is more, tomorrow it is less. Watering should be uniform. The moisture lack will lead to that the plant though will grow, but runaways are formed weak and insufficiently developed. Orchids Water in growth so that the soil must be damp all the time. It’s possible to water orchids and from the pallet.

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