Is a beautiful steady fern, the most hardy among room cultures of ferns. Nephrolepis is a fast-growing plant.

Nephrolepis can be placed both in a usual pot, and in a pendant basket. Well approaches as for cultivation in halls and on ladder flights, and in bathrooms if there there is a window. It is impossible to use chemical means for giving of shine to leaves.

Nephrolepis concerns to thermophilic ferns, for it the temperature in the summer must be about 20-22°C, in the winter not low than 13-15°C. Doesn’t transfer draughts.

The place for Nephrolepis should be light enough, but with shade from direct solar beams, it is possible an easy penumbra. Can grow and in enough dark places, but the bush thus will be liquid and ugly.

It’s necessary to water only with stnding water, not containing the exhaust. Watering in the spring – in the summer must be plentiful, in the winter moderated, but the soil should be damp all the time. The root neck acts in due course from a pot that complicates watering then water from the pallet.

Nephrolepis despite endurance badly transfers dry air and consequently demands frequent spraying. Ideal humidity about 50-55 %. To place a plant it is necessary far away from radiators and batteries.

Breeds mainly by division.

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