The native land – Central and the South America. In the nature there are about 200 kinds. As an indoor plant it is extended in the basic one kind – Mikania ternata. This long-term grassy plant, at first with upright stalks. It is grown up in pendant baskets. Leaves fingered-difficult, from 5 segments, each of which on a contour of the rhombic form. The top leaflet is larger about 5 sm. in length, averages nearby 2,5-3 sm. in the length, bottom than all 1,5-2 sm. An underside of leaves is purple.

Mikania loves moderate temperatures – in the summer about 18-20°C, in the winter in limits 14-15°C, but not low that 12°C.

The bright diffused light is necessary in the morning or in the evening with a quantity of the direct sun.

Watering should be plentiful enough in the summer – the soil should be wet all the time, but not too crude. In the winter watering must be moderated – the soil should have time to dry up well, but not to dry up completely.

Mikania demands very damp air, but doesn’t transfer spraying, as the majority of plantswith downy leaves. Spraying is admissible only in the summer in very hot weather from the smallest spray by warm water. In the rest of the time it is better to hold Mikania on wide pallets with damp gravel.

Breeds by top shanks in the spring.

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