The native land – tropics of America. Plants are with oval bright green leaves. Maranta is remarkable of effective coloring of leaves for which on an equal background brightly painted veins or stains are allocated. The general background of leaves varies from almost white to dark green, almost black. Marantas – low plants, they seldom grow above 20 sm.

It’s not too difficult to grow up Marantas, though as a whole they not for the beginning flower grower. Leaves possess ability to change the direction: leafe plates under favorable conditions settle down almost horizontally, and at a lack of illumination or under other adverse conditions rise upwards and develop together. Leaves reach 15 sm. in height.

Temperature should be moderated, in the winter not low than 14°C, doesn’t take out a draught and sharp temperature drops.

At bright light and in too dark place colouring of leaves turns pale. Direct solar beams should be avoided. In the winter it isn’t necessary to put the plant close to windowpanes.

Watering should be plentiful, in the winter moderated. It’s necessary to water only with soft water.

Maranta loves damp air to 90 %. Regular sprayings of leaves are necessary. A pot place in damp peat or an aquarium.

Maranta breeds by division at change in the spring. Pots cover with a polyethylene package and hold in a warm place while a plant not to take roots.

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