The native land is the South America. As an indoor plant is extended Manettia inflata. It’s a grassy liana with a soft easily twisted round stalk. Leaves are green, opposite, on short shanks. The flowers are single. A flower nimbus is tubular nearby 2 sm. in the length, it’s bright red from the basis, yellow by the end.

Manettia prefers moderate temperatures – in the summer about 20-22°C, in the winterin limits 15-16°C, minimum 12°C.

It’s necessary the bright diffused light with a quantity of the direct sun in the morning or in the evening.

In the spring and in the summer watering should be plentiful, the soil should be slightly wet. Watering must be more moderate in the winter. Manettia doesn’t transfer redrying of an earthen clod or excessive dampness. For watering use soft warm water.

Manettia requires in regular spraying. It’s possible to place a pot with a flower on the pallet with wet gravel.

Manettia breeds by shanks which cut off in February – March.

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