Lemon is an evergreen plant. Blossoms during the year for several times. Flowers with a smell. Bright yellow fruits are formed mainly on branches not below the fourth order. Fruits are formed on short branches. The ripened fruit can remain on a plant till two years, changing coloring on green, and then again becomes yellow-golden. Room lemons in comparison with the soil, have more thin peel, less seeds and are more fragrant.

Lemons are in need of the light and heat. Flowering and infructescence is better occur at average temperature of air and soil + 15-18°C.

In the winter citrus are recommended to be contained in a light and cold room (to 12°C). Besides, lemons are sensitive enough to climate change. If to expose a fructifying tree on street because of sharp changing of the day light and temperature’s mode, it can dump fruits and even leaves, result of change of a climate can be and absence of fructification on next year.

The bright diffused light is necessary. It will be good about east and western window. The Lemon concerns to the short day light plants, i.e. at too long light bottom, they go to growth, and fructification is tightened.

In the summer and in the spring watering should be plentiful, 1—2 once a day with warm water, in the winter watering is rare and moderated – 1-2 times a week and with warm water too. However in the winter it’s impossible to suppose redrying of an earthen clod as it conducts to twisting of leaves and subsidence not only leaves, but also fruits. Since October watering reduce.

Lemons are regularly sprayed during the summer period but if they are contained indoors in the winter with central heating, they are also sprayed in the winter. At the maintenance indoors with dry air lemons are exposed to an attack of wreckers (pincers). Optimum humidity of air for Lemons must be 60-70 %, usually it’s at temperature not above 20°C.

Reproduction of lemons usually spend by inoculation, shanks and seeds. In room conditions the most widespread way of reproduction of citrus is shanking.

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