Irises — long-term root plants, concern to family of Iris (Iridaceae). By this time the family totals about 100 sorts and 800 kinds, irises meet on all continents, having riches of forms and shades. They also have received the name for it (the Iris – a rainbow).

Interesting facts:

* One of the best stories Herman Gess has devoted to this plant.
* in constellation of Tsefeea there is the fog the Iris named so for appearance, causing associations with this flower.

Myth and Legend about Iris

On a legend the first Iris has blossomed millions years ago and was so fine that to admire it have come not only animals, birds and insects, but also water and wind which then have carried the ripened seeds on all earth. And when seeds have sprouted and have blossomed, the Iris became one of favourite plants of person.

In Japanese families on a traditional holiday of boys. From the flowers of Iris prepare magic talisman which should instal courage in soul of the young man.

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