Ipomoea in translating from greek “ips” – a worm and “homoios” – similar – on a structure of an underground rhizome of many initial kinds.

Until recently the name of Ipomoea has been connected only with balcony and garden floriculture. But here on sale there were the surprising lianas growing not from the earth, and from an amusing potato. This “potato”, also represents value for room culture of Ipomoea. Unfortunately, in the literature almost you will not meet the description and recommendations about care of this kaudex liana.

Ipomoeas are thermophilic plants. In the summer if a flower take out on a balcony, it is necessary to secure it against sharp differences of night temperatures, from a strong wind and a rain. In apartments it is shown that with natural fall of temperature on a window sill, it is necessary to reduce considerably having watered. The minimum winter temperature should not fall more low 12°C.

Ipomoea requires very light site, demands a quantity of the direct sun, but shadeness is necessary at midday time, differently on leaves there are burns. It concerns also the American and African kinds of Ipomoeas – all the matter is that in room conditions of a plant adapt for some darkness and to shorter light day, therefore in the spring to the sun accustom gradually. Though in the nature African Ipomoeas grow on a full blaze of the sun.

If besides absence of flowering, leaves of Ipomoea get more light light-green shade, the reason is of illumination lack.

Watering should be moderated, the soil should have time to dry out in the top layers. Watering must be limited, depending on temperature of 1 times in 3-4 weeks in the winter. Ipomoeas from the Central America love more damp substratum than kinds of the African origin and do not suffer full redrying of an earthen clod.

Ipomoea well responds on regular spraying of leaves.

Kaudex’s forms of Ipomoea breed only by seeds or tuber division.

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