The native land of Impatiens – tropical both subtropical Asia and Africa. In the nature there are more than 500 of these grassy kinds, bush plants. In a translation from Latin impatiens is translated as “not transferring”, therefore Impatiens has received the name the touchy person. It’s connected by that the ripened fruits of this plant at the slightest touch to them reveal and from them seeds scatter.

Impatiens has many names. In the people it names Lizzi or John wet. The first name has appeared in connection with ability of this plant to blossom practically all year long.

Impatiens is thermophilic enough, prefers temperature in limits 15-20°C, a winterminimum 13°C.

It’s necessary a quantity of direct solar beams in the winter and shade from the hot sun in the summer at a southern and western window.

Watering should be plentiful since spring till the autumn – the soil should be damp all the time, watering must be moderated in the winter – the soil should be slightly wet.

From March till September feed up with fertilizer for room is decorative-blossoming plants every two week.

Leaves periodically should be sprayed. Impatiens doesn’t love dry air, especially at a central heating. It’s impossible that the water hit on the flowers, therefore plentifully blossoming plants are better for holding on the pallet with a wet pebble.

Breeds by stem shanks in the spring, in the summer or in the autumn, they well take roots in water within a week – two. And also breeds by seeds in the spring.

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