Family of amaryllis. The native land is the South America. In the nature exists about 50 kinds. Many kinds which were extended as room culture some differ on maintenance conditions. The majority of them don’t lose leaves on a dormant period.

In vegetation period the optimum temperature should be 17-20°C. In dormant period of Hymenocallis’s bulb the pleasant store at 10°C in dryness. The kinds which don’t lose leaves during a dormant period, contain at temperature nearby 14°C.

Hymenocallis are photophilous, than others amaryllis, therefore shadeness demand only at the hottest time in the summer.

Watering must be plentiful during flowering – the soil all time should be damp. In a dormant period watering very limited. At a lack of a moisture leaves lose tourist’s mountains and become languid. However rehumidifying is pernicious for Hymenocallis. If the plant is in a premise with dry air it’s possible slightly spray it from above. It’s impossible to spray the flowers or leaves and also bulbs in a dormant period.

Breeds by affiliated bulbs during change and by seeds.

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