It’s a long-term tuber-bulb plant of family iris widespread in territory of our country. In total the sort unites approximately 250 kinds. It is named so thanking to the sword form of leaves.

If a rose the recognised queen of flowers, gladiolus – the king!
Its magnificence and grace will not leave indifferent any judge of refined plants. Any flower will not be compared to it on a variety of forms and the sizes of a nimbus, and especially on color scale which includes different shades from white to almost black. Selection achievements in work with gladioluses have reached such heights that are capable to satisfy any whim of the flower grower. Annually world catalogues join hundreds new magnificent grades, each time more and more amazing with the beauty and eccentricity.

Myth and Legend about Gladiolus

The gladiolus name occurs from Latin word gladus — “sword”. In transfer fromlatin gladiolus means “a small sword” In the Ancient Greece gladiolus was called xifion that means “sword” too. Such name is connected with that the leaves of this plant are of sword-kind reaching to 80 sm in length.

With gladioluses are connected many legends. The ancient Roman legend tells that if gladiolus roots to hang up on a breast as amulets, they not only will protect from destruction, but also will help to win in duel.

In 17 – 18 centuries doctors attributed to gladioluses medical properties. The gladiolus advised to add in milk to chest children, applied against toothache.

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