The native land – damp rainforests of the South America. In the nature there are only 4 kinds.

As an indoor plant is extended Geogenanthus undatus – a long-term grassy plant in height about 40 sm Stalks reddish, leaves are grouped on the ends of runaways in some pieces. Leaves are of widely-egg form, on short shanks, nearby 8 sm. in length. A leave surface is of dark-green color, shining with longitudinal silvery strips, wavy, an underside is of violet colour. The flowers are pink, small, are collected in brush inflorescences. Geogenanthus has no decorative appeal.

The temperature should be moderated, in the summer the optimum temperature should be nearby 20-21°C. In the winter minimum 16°C.

Geogenanthus is photophilous, but it is required shadeness from direct solar beams in the spring and in the summer.

Watering must be plentiful since spring till the autumn- the soil should be all time damp, Watering must be moderated in the winter – the soil should be slightly wet. For watering is desirable to use warm soft water.

From March till August feed up with fertilizer for room decorative-deciduous plants every two weeks.

Geogenanthus loves very damp air, therefore leaves regularly spray. It’s possible to place a plant on a tray with a wet pebble.

Breeds by stem shanks and bush division.

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