Gorechakovs — the big family numbering now about 80 sorts and more of 1000 kinds. They are extended across all Earth. In moderate widths and in mountains in family annual and long-term grasses dominate, in subtropical both tropical areas semibushes, bushes, lianas are presented also, trees in height to 5 m.

Geographical distribution of gorechakov’s, testifies to a family high antiquity. The overall picture of their distribution is very expressive now. The largest childbirth making about 70 % of kinds, is extended within all northern hemisphere, especially in mountains, including tropical belt. Besides, Gentian together with first three sorts grows also in mountains Northern and the South America, Australia: and New Zealand.

Gorechakovs are among the families which are of great importance in human life. These are herbs which in national medicine of all countries are used already many millenia.

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