Brevipalpus obovatus

These ticks are very small, length of body is from 0,25 to 0,4 mm. A body of the tick is of egg form, yellow or brick color. Most often meet the Red flat tick (or the orange flat tick) Brevipalpus obovatus, and as Cactus’s flat tick (Brevipalpus russulus). They are known as wreckers of cactuses, citron, rubber plants, etc. indoor plants. These very small wreckers are very difficult for finding out, besides, they doesn’t form the web. A sign of occurrence of these wreckers are slow withering of leaves, and further destruction of a plant. Flat ticks represent danger also to that at a usual room temperature from 18 to 24°C, they are capable to breed in a current of all year.
Struggle measures: Wiping by a soap solution cannot give positive results, therefore it is better to apply at once spraying with sprays for insects – phytoferm, fufan, neoron, sulphur.

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