The native land is tropical areas of Africa and Asia, Canary Islands.

At a choice of Dracaena for apartment is necessary to consider, how many to it will be given places as among various kinds of Dracaenas there are huge and dwarfish, and the usual form of a plant. In general Dracaena aren’t “difficult” plant, but all depends from the kind.

It’s necessary to wipe the leaves from a dust, rejuvenescence of old plants, granting of a dormant period which lasts from October till January nevertheless.

The temperature should be moderated, not low than 15°C, the majority of Dracaenas prefer cool rewintering at temperature 10-12°C.

It’s necessary the light place, a penumbra, Dracaena doesn’t transfer direct solar beams. Many consider Dracaena as a shade-loving plant, but actually it will vegetate in a dark place. For good growth and development is necessary intensive light. Dracaena grows well at artificial illumination.

Watering must be plentiful, in the winter moderated, but taking into account temperature indoors in the summer. Dracaena doesn’t transfer stagnation of water in a pot or redrying of an earthen clod. In growth from April till August every two week Dracaenasfeed up with special complex fertilizers for indoor plants. It’s possible to use “Rainbow”, “Ideal”, “Giant”, etc.

Dracaenas are steady against dry air, but demand regular spraying of leaves at the maintenance in their winter in rooms with a central heating. Periodically arrange to a plant a warm shower to wash off a dust and to freshen a plant.

Breeds by top shanks, trunk pieces, length 10 sm. If to cut off a top of Dracaena, it’s possible to put in bank with water, having added there some slices of charcoal, month through three there will be roots and a plant put in a pot. On a place of a cut of a top on a parent plant there will be new runaways from lateral kidneys.

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