The native land is the South America. A straight-stemmed treelike plant with motley large udlinenno-oval leaves. Juice of plants is poisonous. Dieffenbachia can grow to 2 m, but gradually bottom part of a trunk becomes bare also a plant loses the decorative appeal. In room conditions blossoms seldom. Actually systematisation of Dieffenbachia is too confused and will cause difficulty even in the professional, because of variability of kinds, reception of interspecific hybrids and various grades.

It’s necessary to notice also that many kinds of Dieffenbachias demand enough frequent updating – on the average in three years if them to grow up in apartment. As through this time they usually grow to a ceiling. Then a top cut off and implant, and that remains or throw out or leave for reproduction.

Dieffenbachia well develops only in heat, not low than 18°C, better above. At temperature low than 10°C plants rot and perish. Doesn’t transfer draughts.

In the summer it’s necessary to make shade, in the winter good illumination. In too dark place leaves become shallow, and the plant loses decorative appeal. It will be good to grow under protection of a tulle curtain about east or western window.

Watering must be plentiful from spring till the autumn, in the winter moderated. The soil is supported all time in slightly damp condition, but shouldn’t be too crude.

During the period from May till August top dressing by complex fertilizer, every two week. In the autumn and do not feed up in the winter. At a lack of nutrients the trunk from below becomes bare much faster.

Dieffenbachia loves very damp air, regular spraying and washing leaves is required. Before spraying be convinced that in a room warmly and not whence “doesn’t blow”, differently it’s possible to do much harm to a plant. If in a room nearby 18°C, it’s better not to spray, and simply periodically to wipe a damp sponge.

Breeds by trunk scraps on 5-7 sm.

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