The native land is tropical areas of Polynesia, China, Japan, an Island Java. Includes about 50 kinds.

As indoor plants are grown up some kinds, for example, Davallia dissecta, Davallia trichomanoides, Davallia truncatula, Davallia pentaphylla. In the people this plant was nicknamed the by “Rabbit paws”.

In the summer the temperature should be in limits 18 20°C, in the winter about 15°C.

It’s necessary the bright diffused light with protection against a direct sunlight. Can grow without making shade only at east window.

Watering must be plentiful in the summer, in the winter moderated, but the soil should be wetty all the time.

Davallia transfers badly dry air. Ideal humidity about 50-55 %. It’s possible to spray only occasionally from a small spray.

Breeds mainly by division.

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