Only hardly will more strongly warm the spring sun as on clearings, wood edges, along country roads even in the gardens and parks there is this cheerful flower with a bright golden head. Dandelion (Taraxacum) is an obstinate, ineradicable banal weed from which there is no rescue on a country site.

Since ancient times Dandelion use in the medical purposes and name a life elixir knowingly: all parts of this useful plant both roots, and leaves, and flowers – have curative properties.

In food and for treatment is possible to use this plant during all season. As soon as from the earth young leaves and runaways start to make the way, safely collect them for vitamin salads. Those who was not too lazy and has dug fresh greens, have possibility to sate the organism which has got tired for winter vitamins – A, E, C, and also microcells – cobalt, phosphorus, iron, carotin.

By the way, Dandelion’s (Taraxacum) leaves considerably surpass any salads and spinach in quantity of useful substances. One trouble – bitterness. It’s possible to improve flavouring qualities of Dandelion (Taraxacum), to sustain the leaves 20-30 minutes in salted water.

Dandelion’s medical properties

This widespread long-term weed grows everywhere and blossoms since spring the whole summer. Collect roots in the early spring, and the whole plant is better in the late autumn, and in a small amount during flowering, On taste the roots are bitterish.

Dandelion’s roots as means are used at illnesses of liver, besides, as means, exciting digestion, bloodclean and spity. As laxative it use at chronic locks and at hemorrhoids. In broth a root accept in a dose of 30 gr. on 1 l. of water (on 1 reception of a half-glass), and in a powder on a tip of a knife 3 times a day.

Dandelion accept inside also in broth kind in same, specified above, a dose at rashes, spots, furuncle.

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