The sort includes 80 kinds of long-term grassy plants. An undemanding plant to soils. Sprouts receives from seeds, then transplant on glasses or in cellular containers, and in the spring – on flowerbeds and lawns.

At sprouts landing it is necessary to observe distance between plants 15-20 sm. Them use on flower beds, in blossoming lawns, in borders, and also in pots – on balconies and terraces. Probably during the winter period to stimulate vegetation and flowering if to hold them indoors at temperature 8-10°C.

Daisies should be grown up on the open sun or at small shade.

Daisies seldom are ill or are surprised wreckers. But there can be stains on leaves because of Septona beliidis Daisies or Cercospora. Rotting of roots happens usually a consequence of activity Pithium matophorum or at the Texas root decay caused by mushroom Phymatotnchum omnivorum. Of all these diseases get rid by means of corresponding “fungisids”.

Myths and Legends about Daisy

On the legend countess Margarita has given a carnation fortunately to the groom to the knight of the Orlando who have gone to the Sacred Earth for clearing the coffin of God from Saratin. Orlando has fallen in fight and one of knights has transferred to Margarita the ringlet of its blond hair found on it and the withered flower of the carnation which have turned from blood of Orlando from white in the red. In a flower were already formed the seeds, and Margarita has sown them in memory of the groom.

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