This most ancient plant in a translation from Greek (Kykas) is meant by a palm tree, it is visible from external similarity of these plants. Relationship of Cycas find both with palm trees and with ferns. Really Cycases are very similar to palm trees.

The native land of Cycas is Southeast Asia and Australia. They are slowly growing plants and at correct leaving long live in room conditions. Naturally Cycas grows in huge trees. In the homeland leaves of Cycas use for creation of flower compositions and bouquets.

At purchase of Cycas is necessary to be convinced that the leave kidneys which are in the cone aren’t damaged. It’s better to buy that plant, at which not less than 3 well developed leaves. Cycas grows very slowly.

Cycas is a demanding plant.

The temperature should be moderated, Cycas well transfers fluctuations of temperatures, grows both in warm and in cool premises. In the winter preferably cool maintenance at temperature 12-16°C, a minimum 8°C. It is desirable to rearrange in the summer a pot with Cycas on a balcony or in a garden, in such place, where uniform illumination from different directions and protection against a wind.

Bright intensive light, both is necessary in the winter and contain in the most light place in the summer. Well approaches for southern and southwest windows.

Watering must be plentiful in the spring and in the summer, in the winter moderated. Cycas doesn’t transfer stagnation of water in a pot. During watering it’s impossible to suppose water hits on the cone of Cycas as in it there are leave kidneys and the moisture can lead to rotting.

Cycas loves damp air, regular spraying, especially in the summer and in the winter in a cold season therefore is necessary. It’s possible to place periodically under a warm shower, having closed a polyethylene package soil in a pot.

Breeds by children who appear on a parent trunk. After removal of the child a cut strew with sulphur or pounded coal. As make multiple copies also seeds – at soil heating. Shoots will appear only in a month or two months.

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