Color of Flowers

But which does tell flower color?

In different times all was differently, but much is previous and now. For instance red always indicated love, yellow – treason, green – the color of hope, white – respect. Today not much changed. But now what do colors indicate in our country and not only in the USA ?

In the culture of Japan, for example, the yellow – symbol of light and good, green — hope, dark-blue – the color of melancholy, was given who departed to the army. In the culture of the Ancient East there existed customs with respect to the yellow – symbol of treason. Once in one legend red rose, presented to the bride by the fiance, became yellow.

But in order to make a correct selection and not to be mistaken, it is better to select white color – the color of cleanliness, respect and good intentions. But pink color indicates innocence, modesty and shyness and it is possible to present to entirely young princesses with their bright dreams and tender desires. But red roses always were considered the symbol of love and passion and they were given in essence in order to express the feelings. For the kids is necessary to give the bright, iridescent, many-colored flowers, which are covered into the small bouquet. But to elder men should not give dark or those flowers, which rapidly will wither. To men it is possible to give the long flowers, which emphasize masculinity, adhering in the bouquets strict, clear forms and lines and to the women of vice versa smooth, soft, bed tones.

If the boy was born, it is better to meet young mom with dark-blue flowers, then , while if girl was born, it is better to meet young mom with pink flowers.

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