Family of the palm. The native land – seaside areas of the tropical countries. Cocos – most known of all yielding fruits a palm tree. However it not the best palm tree for cultivation indoors. To grow up its houses it is possible a maximum two years as this plant is very photophilous. Longer she lives in winter gardens or greenhouses with corresponding temperature and light modes. From a small sort of a coco in a room grow up only two kinds:

The best kind – Cocos weddeliana with narrow, drooping leaves of green colour, silvery from a sheet underside. Tiny palm, it is suitable for a garden in a bottle. Demands temperature not more low 18°C in the winter. It is Extremely sensitive to damage of roots, therefore change should be very cautious. Not bear redrying and a direct shining sun.

Cocos nucifera, a large plant even at young age. Indoors can grow to 3 m though grows slowly. At a young plant leaves long and narrow, are similar to the fish tails, at an adult coco leaves large and plumose.

It’s impossible to use means for polishing of leaves.

All kinds of a coconut palm tree are thermophilic, as in the street, and in a room a coco contain at temperature 20-23°C. It is desirable to rearrange in the summer a tub with a coco on a balcony or in a garden, in such place that on it the hottest midday solar beams did not get. If the Cocos contains all year indoors in the summer it needs to give good airing.

The bright diffused light is necessary, make shade only from the most hot Sun. In the room is given the most light place.

In the summer (from May till September) having watered should be plentiful, then moderated. From May till August every two week top dressing by fertilizer.

Cocos loves very damp air, regular spraying, especially in the summer and in the winter in a cold season therefore is necessary. Leaves periodically wipe a damp sponge.

The Cocos breeds by seeds (nut). It is possible only at temperature heating and high humidity of air.

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