Family of amaryllis. The native land is Southern Africa. Clivia will blossom from year to year if it water correctly and not to leave for the winter in a warm room. A lot of place is necessary for it, and it’s necessary to give a dormant period in a cool premise with very limited watering in the winter.

Clivia doesn’t love when her disturb – touch once again and rearrange from place to place. Clivia is very long-living plant, under corresponding conditions of the maintenance lives till 40 years. The old plants growing in tubs, don’t replace, but only spend top dressing by fertilizers.

Clivia miniata – a grassy perennial plant. Has no stalk – leaves are collected in the radical socket. Leaves are of dark green colour to 60 sm in length. Throws out an inflorescence from 10-12 of flowers. There are forms with orange, red, yellow and cream colouring of colours. A fruit is a berry.

The temperature should be moderated. In the winter a dormant period at temperature not above 15°C.

It’s necessary the light place with shadeness from direct solar beams in the summer. Clivia feels well in the summer in the open air in shade place.

Having watered should be plentiful enough from spring till the autumn. Moderated and cautious since late autumn before achievement heights 10-15 see in the Winter instead of a watering can it is possible to use a spray which will provide a necessary moisture to the earth, and will moisten leaves, but only in that case if Clivia contains in a cool premise. If in a room nearby 20°C water it is more.

In active growth every week feed up special fertilizer for blossoming indoor plants.

From time to time leaves wipe a sponge, periodically spray.

Breeds by division at change or by seeds. Seeds collect later 2-3 months after flowering and in a fresh kind sow in the earth.

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