The native land is damp rainforests, mainly to an island Madagascar. In the nature 5 kinds of this plants are extended only. In culture has received popularity kind of Catharanthus pink, Catharanthus roseus.

It is the small long-term semibush growing on the average to 60 sm in height. Has upright branchy stalks with leaves of dark green colour, with a light central vein, to 7 sm in length. Flowers are simple, with five petals, pink, lilac or of white color. Under favorable conditions Catharanthus can blossom since May till the end of September.

Catharanthus is a thermophilic plant, nearby 25-27 °C in the summer, in the winter not low than 14°C, it’s optimum 15-18°C. Doesn’t transfer overcooling of root system. For the summer it is better to expose on open air in a garden or on a balcony.

For Catharanthus is necessary very light solar place, with a quantity of the direct sun. Well grows at east and western window. It’s necessary to accustom to a shining sun gradually in the spring.

Catharanthus waters plentifully enough all season long, the soil shouldn’t dry up, however avoid excessive dampness.

Catharanthus loves very damp air. It’s necessary to spend regular spraying, and it is possible to put a pot on the pallet with a wet pebble.

Catharanthus breeds by seeds which sow in February – March.

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