Lemon is an evergreen plant. Blossoms during the year for several times. Flowers with a smell. Bright yellow fruits are formed mainly on branches not below the fourth order. Fruits are formed on short branches. The ripened fruit can remain on a plant till two years, changing coloring on green, and then again becomes yellow-golden. […]

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The native land is the South-East of Asia. As an indoor plant is extended Leea bright red and Leea coccinea. It is a sprawling bush with difficult peristo-rassechennymi leaves. A separate leaf – a segment of green color with purple outflow, pointed at the end, with wavy edge, length 7-10 sm. The whole leaf consisting […]

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The Lavender (Lavandula) belongs to a sort of long-term grassy plants, semibushes and bushes. Lavender – the cold-resistant evergreen bush, which habitat of dwelling – the Mediterranean region, Canary Islands and India. The name occurs from Latin “lava – to wash”, and reflects that romans added the Lavender in the baths for freshness and aroma. […]

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Includes about 370 kinds growing in Northern hemisphere and in mountains of tropical Africa. Many kinds occur from South-East Asia and especially from China where grows more than 150 kinds. Height of a stalk is from 1 to 4 m. Larkspur is a poisonous plant. Grass broths were traditionally used for destruction of flies and other insects […]

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The native land – tropical areas of America. In the nature it is extended about 50 kinds. These are grassy plants with straight stalks. Leaves are large. Colouring of leaves at different kinds can be dark-green with reddish downity on a leave edge. In the summer the temperature should be nearby 20-25°C. Kohleria has a dormant period […]

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The native land is Southern and South-East Asia, S. America. Kalanchoes grow as decorative-blossoming plants and as medicinal. The temperature should be moderated. In the winter a dormant period at temperature 10-12°C, at the dry maintenance (i.e. having watered about once a month). A winterminimum 8°C. It’s better to contain on open-air on a balcony […]

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This plant is of family Euphorbiaceae, looks as a small tree with a thick trunk and bright flowers. All parts of the plant are poisonous, however troubles arise only when lacteal juice gets to eyes. The most poisonous are seeds, therefore it’s necessary to make so that they were inaccessible to small children. Jatropha podagrica […]

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The native land is Asia, the Arabian item of an island, Transcaucasia, the North of China. In culture some kinds of Jasmine are extended. Jasmines are evergreen lianas with enough fragrant flowers, in general, unpretentious in cultivation if to observe a mode of cool wintering. Jasmine contain at usual temperature in the summer. In the […]

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Jacobinia concerns to those plants which within last 150 years disappeared and again appeared in culture. Sort Jacobinia totals about 50 kinds extended exclusively in tropics, only two of which – both it come from Brazil – are suitable for successful growing in rooms at rather attentive leaving. Jacobinia meat-red feels better at the all-the-year-round maintenance […]

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This plant with very gentle leaves on appearance reminds a fern. Though it also name a palisander, nevertheless with the present black rosewood (Dalbergia) it hasn’t something in common. Besides, Jacaranda also names pink tree. Everywhere in tropical districts of globe is possible to meet Jacaranda with its charming dark blue or blue-violet bells – flowers there […]

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