The native land – tropics of America. Plants are with oval bright green leaves. Maranta is remarkable of effective coloring of leaves for which on an equal background brightly painted veins or stains are allocated. The general background of leaves varies from almost white to dark green, almost black. Marantas – low plants, they seldom grow above […]

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The native land is the South America. As an indoor plant is extended Manettia inflata. It’s a grassy liana with a soft easily twisted round stalk. Leaves are green, opposite, on short shanks. The flowers are single. A flower nimbus is tubular nearby 2 sm. in the length, it’s bright red from the basis, yellow […]

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Trees are with a branchy crone in height of 2,5-15 m. On branches of wild kinds are available prickles. The flowers are white, pink and red. The Malus (apple-tree) has about 36 kinds. An apple-tree durable a plant which lives till 300 years. Blossoms in April-May. Flowering proceeds 8—12 days. Many kinds of Malus grow […]

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Evergreen tree, in height to 45 m. Crone is dense and pyramidal. The bark is grey. Leaves are integral. Blossoms begin from May till September. The flowers are single, fragrant, milky-white, are located on thick pedicels. A fruit – egg-kind helicoid leaflet collected in cone formation. Seeds are large, black, hang down on thin threads. […]

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LOTUS (lo’tus) serves as a popular name for several flowering plants belonging to different families. The Indian or sacred lotus of the Orient is a member of the water lily family (genus Nelumbo). Also called the sacred bean, this lotus is grown in many lands. It has pink flowers and round leaves that usually grow […]

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Family of the palm. The native land – Southern Asia, New Guinea, Polynesia, Australia. The palm tree of Livistona differs by fast growth, about Livistona is possible to tell that it is unpretentious enough. The most widespread problem are drying up tips of leaves which do not need to be cut off in the winter, […]

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Lily – a long-term grassy bulbous plant. One of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The sort totals about 100 kinds which grow in Europe, Asia and in the North America. The beginning of introduction of Lilies in culture leaves in the remote past. In modern floriculture by special popularity more decorative, high-quality hybrid […]

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More than 600 decorative kinds of a Lilac are known in gardening. They possess by various of shades and forms of colors: white and pink, simple and terry. The forms of this favourite bush are diverse in gardens! White, pink, sine-lilac, blue, reddish, simple and terry, with small flowers and with large flowers, friable and […]

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Long-term grassy plant of family moth with the powerful root system forming underground a difficult network. The stalk of Licorice is upright, to 200 sm in height. As a herb Licorice is applied in medicine more than 5000 years. And it is valid, on the medicinal properties the plant is unique. It possesses anti-inflammatory, diuretic, […]

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Leontopodium – annual or long-term grassy plant in height 12—25 sm. In a sort there are 40 kinds which grow on high calcareous mountains. The name occurs from the Greek words “leon” — a lion and “podion” — a pad, i.e. appearance of an inflorescence of this plant reminds a lion’s paw. The inflorescence consists […]

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