Is a beautiful steady fern, the most hardy among room cultures of ferns. Nephrolepis is a fast-growing plant. Nephrolepis can be placed both in a usual pot, and in a pendant basket. Well approaches as for cultivation in halls and on ladder flights, and in bathrooms if there there is a window. It is impossible […]

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It is quite often enough expensive, however very interesting insectivorous plant, is a curiosity. The one who has «a flower window» or a show-window with sufficient humidity of air, should necessarily try to cultivate this remarkable ornamental plant. There are about 70 kinds of Nepenthes and also numerous of hybrid forms. Nepenthes grows in damp […]

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The native land is Brazil. Widespread enough plant which is appreciated by fans for beauty of leaves. Neoregelia strongly expands at width, a lot of place therefore demands, is better to place it on a separate support near to the window. It is especially beautiful Neoregelia Carolina. Its leaves reach 40 sm. in length and […]

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It would seem, each of us since the childhood knows what is Mustard, but on a question, whence it undertakes and when has appeared for the first time, only few will answer. Mustard – one of the oldest plants known to the person. The mention of it is already in the Bible. Mustard used in […]

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Usually high grasses, seldom small bushes and semibushes. There are about 300 kinds, in a moderate belt of Eurasia and in the North Africa, especially in the Mediterranean. In height usually to 1,5 m. Also Mullein possesses medical properties. The flowers drink at hypostases as a tea.

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The native land — South East of Asia ( Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia ). The evergreen bush, is more rare a small tree, to 5-7 m. in height and 1-3 m. at width. A bark grey or grey-brown. Branches can have a twisting appearance because of small turns in knots (places of an attachment of […]

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The native land is the South America. In the nature are extended 7 kinds, there are the set of hybrids. The flowers of Miltonia are velvety and on appearance are similar on the flowers f garden violets, only is much larger, to 10 sm. in diameter. Miltonia blossoms usually in the beginning of summer and […]

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The native land – Central and the South America. In the nature there are about 200 kinds. As an indoor plant it is extended in the basic one kind – Mikania ternata. This long-term grassy plant, at first with upright stalks. It is grown up in pendant baskets. Leaves fingered-difficult, from 5 segments, each of […]

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The native land – tropical and subtropical areas, basically coastal areas of Central America, Australia, New Zealand, the Hawaiian islands, Philippines etc. In the nature it is extended about 50 kinds of evergreen trees or bushes. The temperature should be usual in the summer, in the winter cool, in limits 8-12°C. High-grade solar illumination is necessary.Shadeness is […]

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