These ticks are very small, length of body is from 0,25 to 0,4 mm. A body of the tick is of egg form, yellow or brick color. Most often meet the Red flat tick (or the orange flat tick) Brevipalpus obovatus, and as Cactus’s flat tick (Brevipalpus russulus). They are known as wreckers of cactuses, citron, rubber plants, etc. indoor plants. These very small wreckers are […]

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Here concern Bryobia cereal (Bryobia graminum), and also Clover tick (Bryobia praetiosa). It is difficult enough to notice Bryobia cereal (graminum) on a plant though it isn’t such small and has the sizes nearby 0,8 – 1 mm. in length. A body of its reddish color, of wide-oval form, with long legs. Bryobia cereal is very mobile and quickly moves on all plant. Postpone […]

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