How to Give Flowers

  Many people don’t know about the flower finesses and about the rules of it’s giving. Who is not familiar with the skill to give flowers, these simple eternal rules will help you to solve this problem: Flowers must be held in the left hand. With the right hand you have to greet the masters of house. First […]

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How to Buy Flowers

Probably, not all know that the plants purchased in the store experience dual stress. The first stress the plant obtains when it was it delivery in the store. As a rule home plants grow up for sale, , in the hot-houses, where high humidity, the temperature and the corresponding illumination are supported. Now the majority […]

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Advices for the beginners

In cultivation of indoor plants there is a rule – to prevent easier, than to correct. Errors happen at all – both at professional flower growers and at beginners. Sometimes in general it is impossible to define from what a plant suffers, but there are conditions which it would be necessary to observe, but not all are in earnest about them. […]

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Language of Flowers

Magic gift of flowers and their beauty make wonders. Communicating with these fine creations of the nature, the person becomes kinder, more gentle, spiritually more richly. Flowers the best intermediaries in dialogue between people. Flowers accompany us constantly during a life, give pleasure, personify love and attention. People often resorted to their gentle confidential, romantic language to be explained without words. Aster – […]

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Different Holidays of Flower

Charm and beauty of flowers appreciated from immemorial time. The flowers surround the person during all his life. Flowers were sung by writers, artists, composers. People suited holidays in honour of flowers for a long time. These holidays exist also in our days. Holidays in honour of flowers passed in ancient India. In a little changed kind this holiday the holiday of spring (now) exists and today. Till now in Paris there […]

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Flowers for Men

What types of flowers are accepted to give to a man? Every man knows what types of flowers to give to a women, but not every woman knows what flowers can be given to man. In many people is fastened the persuasion about the fact that it’s not correctly to give flowers to men. But it is not so. Not only it is possible, but also […]

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Color of Flowers

But which does tell flower color? In different times all was differently, but much is previous and now. For instance red always indicated love, yellow – treason, green – the color of hope, white – respect. Today not much changed. But now what do colors indicate in our country and not only in the USA ? In the culture of Japan, […]

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Flowers Business

Flower’s business is in the first five of all kinds of business in the world. It with an ulterior motive. First of all, flowers are always in demand, during any times and under any conditions. Secondly, flower’s business as art, with it is pleasant to work. To work as that it gives to people positive emotions, smiles and pleasure � […]

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Champions among the flowers

The biggest flowers — Rafflezia tyan-mudae and Rafflezia arnoldii. These kinds concerns to family of raffleziacea and are extended on islands Sumatras, Java, Kalimantan, the Philippine archipelago and Malay peninsula. These plants — parasites. They exhaust nutrients from root systems of other plants. Rafflezia’s flower — petals are very big, they have dark red color and the specific unpleasant smell reminding the smell of decaying meat (these “features” involve insects – pollinaters). For a rank […]

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