It’s known about 50 kinds and numerous quantity of grades. In a wild kind – under natural conditions dwellings – Canna meets in damp tropical and subtropical areas of America, Africa, the Central and Southern India, Asia and China.

In cultural floriculture is already extended one kind more than 150 years – Canna Indica. The height of this perennial plant can reach 3 metres, but there are also more undersized grades – to 1 m. Leaves are large, with a glossy surface, long–oval, glaucescent or purpurno-green coloring, some kinds have striped drawing, length of a leave plate is 40 – 60 sm.

Cannes are magnificent during flowering: big dissymetric flowers form inflorescences – a friable brush. Decorative effect of flowering êàíí is supplemented with duration for what cannes use in gardening of the central streets and the areas, gardens and parks of cities. Is dark-purple, red, orange, pink, yellow coloring with speckled or striped drawing of a flower it is possible to admire since June to frosts.

Cannes are steady against air heat, love a solar place of landing, friable fertile soils with sufficient humidifying. As fertilizers it is possible to use rerotting horse manure, mineral saltpeter. Don’t winter in an open ground – demand storages in not freezing premises. With approach of frosts in September – October cannes dig out of soil, cut off an elevated part, dry and stack on storage.

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